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Proper removal of protective clothing

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Proper removal of protective clothing

09. Remove the medical protective mask.

Lean your upper body forward slightly, hold your breath and close your eyes. Take the lower tether with both hands first, and then take the upper tether. Avoid touching the outer side of the mask in the whole process.

Remove the medical protective mask

10. Hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene

11. Take off your disposable hat.

Tilt your upper body forward slightly, hold your breath and close your eyes, lift the top of your hat and take it off from back to front.

Take off your disposable hat

12. Hand hygiene, bathing.

Hand hygiene, bathing


1. Take off protective clothing in strict accordance with the regional division process, and do not take off masks and hats in the polluted area;

2. The glasses wearer shall disinfect the glasses he wears.



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